Welcome to the Living Pharmacy (Apotek Hidup)

List of Plants that Are Completed:

Fennel (Adas)
firecracker plant

Indonesia has a long history of looking to nature for medicine, from the eastern tribes of Papua who learned ways to use the jungle to combat illness, to the Javanaese Jamu lady who rides her bike around with a litany of traditional herbal concoctions to help people overcome a wide range of illnesses.

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At Greenschool, we have acquired a huge collection of medicinal plants commonly used in Indonesia. These plants will be planted around campus in various medicinal gardens, as well as in select areas. It is a sizeable job, and thanks to dedicated students and parents, we hope to have the gardens in place by the end of the school year.

At the moment, we have a few jobs that need to be completed:
  1. Preparing Garden Beds for the Plants
  2. Researching Plants and adding the information to the Wiki (here is a great example of one completed by a student)
  3. Creating artistic Maps of the garden beds of the medicinal plant gardens.
  4. Planning where we will plant the various plants in the medicinal gardens

How to Add Plant Pages

  • Ask Noan for access to this Wiki so you can get cracking
  • Check this google document out to see which plants have yet to be covered. Pick one a student has not yet covered.
  • Click on the + symbol next to Pages and Files
  • Select the "plant desciption page" from template
  • Enter in the information on the plant you have been researching
  • Go to "List of Plants" and find your plant's Indonesian Name
  • Highlight the name, then hit the link button. Finally, select the page you created for your plant.
  • Your plant has been linked!
  • Move on to the next plant

Need Help?

  • Just email me at noan "at" greenschool dot org and I can answer any questions you may have.